Joe Walker

Joe Walker
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More Information:

  • Avid Golfer
    • President Ridgeview Country Club
  • Wife Amy & I love to travel
  • Past BOD Duluth Area Association of Realtors
  • Past BOD Minnesota Association Realtors


Being born and raised in Duluth, I consider myself fortunate being able to grow up in this beautiful city and proud to call myself a Wasburn "Wildcat", Woodland "Knight" & Duluth East "Greyhound".  With that said, I have lived both East & West in this city as my parents divorced when I was young. This unique feature allowed me learn about Duluth in broader fashion growing up.

In 1994 I earned my Realtor License & in 2006, my Broker License. This industry is demanding and requires ethics, honesty, attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to clients. At times, being honest involves telling clients real world facts or information they may not want to hear BUT, vitally important to know so an informed decision can be made. This is me in a nut shell. I tell you what you need to know, NOT what you want to hear.

Traveling to the National Convention ever year is essential to keep up with current trends, business matters, and essentially become smarter. This is why it is a priority of mine each & every year. I go above an beyond the yearly 15 hours Conintuing Education rwequirements for Realtors.

Being a full time Realtor I have had the opportunity to work very closely with Freddie Mac on their foreclosure homes during the past housing collapse, which gives me a solid understanding of the huge effort it takes to go from finding them vacant to preserving & maintaining, valuing, rehabbing, & finally marketing and selling these homes. The attention to detail these properties require only hone my overall skills which ultimately gives me a leg up on mass John Q Realtor in many areas.

My Specialties: Ensuring my clients are well informed & well taken care of

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