Wednesday, January 24, 2018
By Joe Walker
First Time Buyer Success

Take Your Time

We live in an immediate gratification society where we want we want and want it now. There isn’t anything wrong with that, however, when it comes to buying real estate, that may be an approach, which leads to an unhappy, stressful process.

Speaking from experience, start with taking a look at your financial status.

  • Get a credit report
  • What is my debt?
  • How much in do I have in savings?
  • What is my monthly take home pay?

By taking these initial steps, you will save yourself much headache moving forward. Knowing and understanding your financial status, especially your credit score, makes it much easier to obtain a mortgage.


Looking at homes to purchase is an exciting and fun experience, however, looking at homes prior to speaking with a lender is not the correct way to proceed. It is true you can call a Realtor to see a home, but can you purchase? Without knowing your purchase power, you are putting the cart before the horse.

Empower yourself by taking the time to research Mortgage lenders, start with where you do your banking.

  • Ask about interest rates
  • Ask about closing costs and fees associated with the loan.

Once you have that info, you can compare to any other mortgage lender.



There are many Realtors to choose from, but not all are created equal. There are large firms and small firms. Start by asking friends, relatives, co-workers and researching online etc. Make sure you feel comfortable with any Realtor you ultimately choose to work with. Remember, they work for you!

  • How long has Agent been in business?
  • Is the Agent full time?
  • Is the Agent service minded?
  • Is the Agent pushy?
  • Is the Agent giving you information to make an informed decision?

We at Walker-Privette are full time Realtors with over 34 years of experience. We work at your speed and pride ourselves on complete client satisfaction along with providing our clients with valuable information required to make an informed decision. This information may not be what you want to hear, however, need to hear.  Reach out to us to see if we may be a good match!                     

Big isn’t better, Little isn’t better, Better is Better!